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Three pre-shows to lead us to the Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2018 final

The final of Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) 2018 takes place on Metro Arena in Espoo this Saturday. Before the big final, there will be three pre-shows on UMK’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

First look of the UMK stage on Thursday

The first of the three pre-shows will start today, on March 1st, at 17:30 CET. Today we will get the first look of the UMK 2018 stage and will go behind the scenes.
Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu’s commentator Mikko Silvennoinen will host the show. He will also interview Saara Aalto and her two backing singers Tuuli Ikonen and Heli Lyytikäinen during the show.

Exclusive footage from the arena on Friday

On Friday, March 2nd, Mikko Silvennoinen will interview Saara Aalto and Krista Siegfrids live from Metro Arena. We will also get exclusive footage from the arena.
The green room host Christoffer Strandberg will also be there for all the three pre-shows. The pre-show on Friday will start at 17:30 CET.

Norma John to perform on Saturday

On Saturday’s preshow, just an hour before the final, Mikko Silvennoinen will interview Mel C. The Spice Girls star will also perform on the final of UMK 2018. The preshow on Saturday will start at 17:15 CET.
Finland’s last year’s representative Norma John will also perform on the pre-show on Saturday. It will be the live premiere for their second single “Hellfire”.

Surprise guest stars for the final

Next to Mel C, Yle hints that the will be some surprise guests stars performing in the final.
The final of Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2018 starts at 18:00 CET. Saara will sing three songs and the winner will be chosen by the international jury together with the Finnish public.
Who would you like to see as a guest star at the UMK final? Let us know below or on social media @ESCXTRA!

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