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Is Waylon’s “That’s How She Goes” a cover?

Last night, Waylon premiered his fourth potential Eurovision entry on De Wereld Draait Door. However, another version has now surfaced. Is Waylon’s “That’s How She Goes” a cover?

Mitchell Tenpenny: 2015

The video in question was uploaded back in 2015. The performer back then was Mitchell Tenpenny. He performed it at the WLVK Big Cat 105.5 studios in Elizabethtown in the United States. The songs are pretty much identical, listening to the lyrics and the melody. Below you can find the Tenpenny song, which also carries the titles “That’s How She Goes”:

Out of contention?

We must remember that Waylon has said he would sing five songs from his upcoming album. One of those five is the Eurovision entry. It could very well be that this song is just one from his album.

It is however safe to say that Waylon will not choose this for the Eurovision Song Contest. It therefore seems we are down to just four songs:

  • Back Together
  • Outlaw In ‘Em
  • The World Can Wait
  • Thanks, But No Thanks

Tonight, Waylon will sing his fifth potential entry tonight. “Thanks, But No Thanks” is the last song of the series. The talkshow De Wereld Draait Door will host his performance once again. Tomorrow, he will reveal the choice for Lisbon on that show as well. Host Matthijs van Nieuwkerk will then also have a Eurovision discussion during the show. Certain experts will be judging the song Waylon, his team and Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS have picked for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

At Eurovision, Waylon will take part in the second semi-final. He will perform in the first half there, where he will hope to repeat and improve on his success from 2014. He then finished in second place as part of The Common Linnets, together with Ilse DeLange. Their “Calm After The Storm” only lost out to Conchita Wurst’s “Rise Like A Phoenix”.

Should the Dutch entrant for Lisbon make an announcement on the matter of his cover? Let us know what you think below!

Nick van Lith

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Comments on Is Waylon’s “That’s How She Goes” a cover?

  • Alice Whiting

    Yes, it is a cover. Why ask this question?

  • ali

    it’s important because if it’s a cover it cannot be his Eurovision song

  • latentprints

    I know that it doesn’t matter now, but it doesn’t appear the song has ever been commercially released … it would’ve still been eligible to be used.

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