An Xtra Happy Birthday; March 1st!

Yesterday on 28th of February four Eurovision artist had a birthday. Today however there are two Eurovision ladies that celebrate their birthday. One of them has represented her country in total of four times. That makes her one of three female singers that have the record of most participation at the Eurovision Song Contest. Bernadette and Valentina Monetta were born on this day.


Bernadette, 59

In 1983 Netherlands selected Bernadette to be their representative at Eurovision. Therefore she went on stage in Munich and performed the song “Sing me a song”. She did quite good at the contest, that is she was 7th out of 20 countries.

Valentina Monetta, 42

San Marino is rather new at Eurovision, their debuting act was in 2008. Valentina tried to go to the contest that year, however was not selected. But out of the 8 times San Mario has taken part, Monetta has been selected four times! She first took part in 2012 with a controversial song, since the song was named Facebook. The needed to change the name and the lyrics. Therefore she sang “The Social Network Song” on the stage in Baku. She landed the 14th place in her semi final, which was San Marino’s best score.

Then she participated again the year after with the song “Crisalide (Vola)” were she ended up in the 11th place at the semi final.

San Marino chose her again in 2014, then with the song “Maybe”. This time she she managed to advance to the final in Copenhagen, Denmark. She however finished 24th at the grand final.

Despite Monetta stating in 2015, that she would not compete again at Eurovision in the close future. San Marino selected her once again 2017 then as as part of a duet with Jimmie Wilson. Therefore they sang their song “Spirit of the Night” in Kyiv, Ukraine. The song however was Valetinan’s worst scoring out of her four acts at Eurovision.

We all here at escXtra would like to wish these two lovely ladies a happy birthday!

Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

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