Chatting and laughing with Aron Hannes!

Last week we sat down with Aron Hannes Emilsson in a hotel lobby in Reykjavik. The children of the live stream were eagearly waiting, and their questions were, as always, many and varied. What we thought would be a fairly short live stream stretched into an hour and a half, and we had so much fun, it doubled as an ab workout! 

Live stream for life!

As you can see, Aron took to the live stream as a pro, and got along with the children like a charm. As a result, many of the streamies are now cheering even harder for him in Saturday’s Söngvakeppnin final! In Saturday’s Söngvakeppnin final he will perform his song “Gold Digger“. He’s got starting position 5 out of the six finalists.

If this interview isn’t enough, and you feel you need more of Aron; why not check out the interview we did with him last year?!
And make sure you don’t miss this little video where Ari joined in on the fun!
Also; check out the full interview with Ari here!
Do you like “Gold Digger”? And do you think we should bring Aron Hannes back on the live stream soon? 

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