Throwback: rewind to Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2011

We have not seen much of Bosnia & Herzegovina at Eurovision so far this decade – their break after 2012 has only seen them participant once, in 2016’s contest. Many miss their unique presence at Eurovision. This week’s Throwback is a look at one of Bosnia & Herzegovina’s most successful Eurovision entries ‘Love In Rewind’ by Dino Merlin. 

The last top 10

After a string of top placings, starting with the 3rd place “Lejila” in 2006, Bosnia & Herzegovina’s choice for 2010 had them slipping into 17th place in the grand final. Vukašin Brajić’s “Thunder & Lighting” was their least successful entry since their 18th placing in 1997.

For 2011 Bosnia & Herzegovina’s broadcaster BHRT announced on a special TV show that Dino Merlin would represent the country in Düsseldorf. Dino had previously represented the country in 1999, but more importantly as one of the most successful artists from the country would be a safe bet for Eurovision. Later BHRT announced he would perform his song ‘Love In Rewind’.

A universal feel good song

I chose this song as it my best memory of Bosnia & Herzegovina at the Eurovision Song Contest. Back in 2011 my interest in the contest was mostly limited to the semi and grand final nights: I wasn’t invested in any songs before Eurovision week. Also I had never travelled anywhere near Bosnia & Herzegovina so the music and culture was unfamiliar to me at the time. Then I would usually set my attention to the more ‘Western’ songs in the contest. “Love in Rewind” grabbed my attention though. Dino Merlin sells the song so well, and although the staging is a little strange you can’t help but smile and want to sing along. It was a universal feel good song and I think that’s why it picked up enough votes to reach 6th place.

This week’s guest star: Dalal Midhat (Eurovision 2016)

Bosnia and Herzegovina participated in Eurovision song contest 19 times from 1993 to 2016, but unfortunately is recently facing a serious financial crisis of the public broadcaster BHRT. That is why we did not participate from 2013-2015 and after our performance with „Ljubav je“ in 2016, when we had to raise the money to participate, we are still not back.

The most memorable performances for me were those during the war 1993 to 1995, because the performers had no budget, but still had strong spirit and had to go through the war tunnel in order to get to the contest. I was very proud to see our representatives with our flag. Since 1995 we have displayed a range of musical styles, performers and performances. Through all the period Eurofans enjoyed and supported songs from Bosnia and Herzegovina and we are very grateful for that.

As for “Love In Rewind”, I think this is one of the best songs that ever represented Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with Putnici by Les Voyageurs (also Dino Merlin!) and Lejla (Hari Mata Hari). Dino Merlin is our biggest star and everything he does, he does with passion and full commitment. “Love In Rewind” is a beautiful, nostalgic classic that certainly deserves top 3 in BH Eurovision history.

What the others had to say


Dino Merlin was among my favourites in Eurovision 2011. The song was charming and his performance was really strong. ‘Love In Rewind’ is actually one of the few songs from 2011 that I still listen to. A great entry from Bosnia & Herzegovina – and I really hope they return to the contest very soon!


If you want to know one of my favourite songs of the 10s, this is surely one of them. When Bosnia announced Dino Merlin, I  was skeptical: A grey, middle-aged man with a remarkable repetoire. And then he came out with such an international tune, true to himself and catchy as never before. A fantastic entry that should’ve cracked the top three easily. By far their best entry as well. They do Balkan ballads really well, but they did this even better.

What did you think of “Love In Rewind”? What is your favourite song from Bosnia & Herzegovina? Let us know in the comments!

Tom O'Donoghue

Music photographer based in Somerset, United Kingdom. Photographer for London Eurovision Party.

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