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Waylon announces “Outlaw In ‘Em” as his entry for Lisbon

We’ve got a new song for Lisbon! After five days of Waylon madness on De Wereld Draait Door, he has now announced which song he will take to Lisbon. The chosen one is “Outlaw In ‘Em”!

Outlaw In ‘Em

The week was a rollercoaster for Waylon and his crew. The Dutch Eurovision fans were speculating a whole lot to discuss which of the five would be the one. Thoughts were that “Thanks But No Thanks”, the last song, was one of the hot contenders.

During the show, Waylon was asked about “That’s How She Goes”. That song, the fourth one to be performed, turned out to be a cover of Mitchell Tenpenny’s 2015 track under the same title. The Dutch singer said during the talkshow that he wrote the song himself recently, ruling “That’s How She Goes” out.

Cornald Maas is the Dutch Eurovision commentator. He was also part of the selection committee for the Dutch entry. He confirmed that the song was very important to Waylon, as it describes part of who he is.

At the end of the show, Waylon played his song live. However, you can also listen on Spotify! Check it out:

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