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Ari Ólafsson to fly the Icelandic flag in Lisbon!

Ari Ólafsson won tonight’s final of Söngvakeppnin, thereby earning the honor of representing Iceland at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon. He will perform the song “Our Choice” on the Eurovision stage in May.

Dagur vs. Ari

After the first round of voting, it was Dagur Sigurðarson and Ari Ólafsson that went on to the super final. In the duel, Ari’s song “Our Choice” received the most votes from the Icelandic public, thus becoming the 2018 Icelandic entry.

The top two in the first round had quite a gap to the third placed group Heimilistónar. Interestingly, Dagur convincingly won the first round of voting. Ari Ólafsson fell behind quite a bit. Below, you can see the full result of the first round.

  1. Dagur Sigurðarson – Í Stormi: 44,730
  2. Ari Ólafsson – Our Choice: 35,861
  3. Heimilistónar – Kust Og Fæjó: 31,802
  4. Aron Hannes – Gold Digger: 30,938
  5. Fókus – Battleline: 25,950
  6. Áttan – Here For You: 13,997

In the first round, only one of the jurors gave their highest score to Ari Ólafsson. Dagur’s “Í Stormi” received four times the highest score. Interestingly, our Eurovision Prediction players thought Aron Hannes would win the show comfortable, with Dagur in second place. Only one out of 102 players thought Ari Ólafsson would win tonight. Can we call this a major surprise?

What do you think of this result? Did your favorite win? How do you think Iceland will do in Lisbon?

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