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Azerbaijan: Aisel to sing “X My Heart” at Eurovision

Aisel will be performing “X my heart” at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon. The day has come and the song to be sung by Aisel in Eurovision will tomorrow finally be revealed on the Eurovision YouTube channel.
The song is written by the Greek composer/producer Dimitris Kontopoulos and Swedish songwriter Sandra Bjurman. Both authors have had a victory at the Eurovision Song Contest: Dimitris Kontopoulos won the viewers vote in 2016 with “You are the only one” for Russia and Sandra Bjurman won the Eurovision song contest in 2011 with “Running scared” and Azerbaijan.

An international team to work with project

The song has been arranged by Tim Bran, the man behind the production of “City lights”, the Belgian entry back in 2017, who has also worked with several well-known artists such as, The Verve, London Grammar, Birdy, Halsey, Bloc Party and others.
“X my heart” has been recorded in London and the mix of the song belongs to Ash Howes, internationally recognised for his mix work for One Direction, Dido, The Corrs, Ellie Goulding and many others. Fokas Evangelinos, the legendary Greek stage director will work with Aisel on her performance. Fokas is responsible for some of the most memorable numbers in the history of the Eurovision song contest, such as the winning acts of Helena Paparizou and Dima Bilan, the runner up numbers of Ani Lorak and Farid Mammadov and of course the stage presentation of Sergey Lazarev who in 2016 won the viewers vote.

“X My Heart” was Aisel’s favorite song

Aisel has selected three songs from the submitted ones to Azerbaijani television and fell for a very special one among those three.
Quote from Aisel: “X my heart” was my favorite song from the first moment I heard it. The music gave me a positive, uplifting feeling while performing it has a power that made me enjoy every second in the studio. I feel a strong connection with the lyrics of the song, since believing in myself made me overcome several difficulties I had in my life. This is a message I want to send to everyone: believing in yourself can make you “stronger than cannonballs”. I also like the way Sandra Bjurman played with my name, since “Aisel” in Azeri it means “the path of the moon”. Finally, I am thrilled to be working with such an international team. Professionals from Azerbaijan, Greece, United Kingdom, Sweden, Cyprus, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine are all working together for this entry. For me this is Eurovision : a contest that unites people around Europe through music. I am really proud to be representing my country in this event”.
Azerbaijan have been drawn to perform in the first half of the first semi final of the contest on Tuesday 8th May.
The ESCXTRA team are wishing the very best of luck to Aisel in Eurovision Song Contest.
What do you with of “X My Love” and Aisel? Let us know below or on social media @ESCXTRA!

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