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Conchita Wurst: I never could’ve predicted winning Eurovision as a bearded lady!

Speaking on Lorraine, a British morning talk show, the Austrian winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, Conchita Wurst, has said that she could never have predicted winning the contest as a bearded lady.
Conchita admits that she felt that it was very unlikely that somebody like her could win an international competition. She says:

If somebody would’ve told me like 10 years ago “You’re gonna be a bearded lady and people are gonna like that”, I’d be like “Mmhmm, you should check your medication.”

Conchita’s win was seen as a massive victory for LGBT representation across the world and many LGBT people recall the moment that she won with great emotion!

“Singing was my only option”

Conchita revealed that singing was her “only option” when she was younger, as she struggled with other career paths. She adds that:

I think I needed to create something larger than life and something bigger…to be able to be larger than life and go on stage.

She feels that she’s in such a privileged position that people would actually listen to her if she would act. Although, she feels that one of the few roles she thinks she would be good with is an evil godmother! Despite this, Conchita admits:

It’s a lot of luck but also a lot work, but if you’re willing to do that you can achieve everything!

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“Conchita is an artistic creation”

Tom Neuwirth, the man behind Conchita, has said that the character is “simply an artistic creation”, although she behaves like a woman when dressed as her.

It’s obvious that when I am Conchita, I use the female toilet, and when I am Tom, the male toilet. I can assure it’s never a problem for women, they love it. I walk through the door and will happily ask, for example, “Hey ladies, does anybody have any lip gloss?” When not dressed as her, I am a man, and a lazy one at that!

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Conchita Wurst in the Eurovision Song Contest

Conchita’s first experience with Eurovision was in 2012, when she competed in the Austrian national final with That’s What I Am. With this song, she placed second.
Then, in September 2013, the Austrian broadcaster, ORF, revealed that they had selected Conchita as the Austrian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. In March 2014, Rise Like A Phoenix was revealed and shot to the top ten in the bookmaker’s odds.

Petitions against Conchita’s participation

Conchita’s selection was met with some controversy from conservative groups, with petitions emerging in Russia and Belarus calling for their broadcasters to edit out her performance. Rather dramatically, the Russian petition said that Eurovision had become a “hotbed of sodomy at the initiation of European liberals”.

Conchita’s victory

In the final on 10 May in Copenhagen, Conchita won the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 with 290 points. Despite the controversy surrounding her participation, many Eastern European countries gave Austria high scores. Conchita’s win shows that the wider population might be readier to accept that different people might be different.
Upon being awarded the trophy, an unforgettable moment occured as a tearful Conchita held it aloft and proclaimed:

We are unity and we are unstoppable!

A clear message meant for those who opposed LGBT rights!

Did you predict Conchita’s win in 2014? Do you remember the moment she won the contest?
Let us know in the comments below and on social media @ESCXTRA!

Comments on Conchita Wurst: I never could’ve predicted winning Eurovision as a bearded lady!

  • CarinaWinter

    Eternally grateful, Eurovision gave us Conchita – what a really worthy winner, personality & advocate for human- and LGBT-rights. Won´t forget this magic moment she won ESC2014.
    And she´s so much more these days – with a great musical range, an awesome voice (enthusiastic audience at her latest concert with BBC orchestra in London Palladium and last winter in Berlin & Hamburg with Philharmonic Orchestra), a massive stage presence (even without any dancing) & top-entertainment-qualities.

  • Christina

    I have been a fan of this amazing person since the first time, 3 month before the ESC and seen so many concerts that only gets better and better❤❤❤
    London a week ago was pure magic sprinkled with lots of love💋💋💋💋💋
    If you can get to see him – you’ll leave as a forever convinced fan ❣❣❣

  • Maria Huemer

    I’m following Tom’s career since he has entered the stage for the 1st time in 2006 at the Austrian casting show ‘Starmania’ followed by Conchita’s 1st appearance at Austria’s ‘Big Chance’ in 2011 and I can hardly express my joy about the development of this exceptional artist and outstanding personality.There’s nothing left to chance! Conchita is an extremely hard working artist, always claiming for the maximung, highly visionary and admirably self-reflected. As permanent concertgoer I really can recommend my tremendous experiences to everyone out there. So far I’ve never met anyone disappointed, but only concert visitors who admitted, not having had exspected such a high professinal level combined with soulful performance and entertainment as well. A unique mixture one should’nt miss. Actually I’m really looking forward to Conchita’s upcoming CD “From Vienna with Love’ with the Vienna Symphony (October 2018), the first pop-crossover of this popular Viennese orchestra so far, followed by a Europe-wide orchestra tour

  • frank wilde

    i know it sounds cheesy but i did predict her victory the moment i knew she was going to join for austria. i was discussing with friends months and weeks before ecs happened and nobody really thought she has a serious chance. i was convicted she would take europe by storm. and with each and every interview she gave i felt i was right. she has a magic and charme nobody can resist. and a voice and elegance that is killer. how on earth can you not love her?

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