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Philip Kirkorov promises a spectacular show from DoReDoS in Lisbon

Russian superstar and the man behind Moldova’s Eurovision entry this year,Philip Kirkorov, ensures fans that DoReDoS will put on a spectacular show in Lisbon this May.

Kirkorov and Teodorovici

Kirkorov also reveals that at the beginning of his music career, he has received an immense support from the famous Moldovan composer, Petre Teodorovici. Which only explains why Philip is so eager to help the country present itself in the best way possible during Europe’s biggest musical spectacle.

Moldova is the beginning of my artistic career. Petre Teodorovici is the first composer who wrote for me and believed in me. I will always remain indebted and very grateful for what she has done, because it was my beginning.

Moldova’s Lucky Day

Despite being no strangers to the music scene in Moldova, DoReDoS got the real taste of fame after winning the New Wave festival in Sochi in 2017.

However, the band has already had two previous attempt of representing Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest. The first one being in 2015 then 2016 with “Maricica” and “FunnyFolk” respectively.

What Philip Kirkorov had to say

After the triumphant third attempt of DoReDoS at O melodie pentru Europa 2018, Kirkorov had a few teasers for the fans as to what we can expect from the staging of the song in Lisbon.

The song and the name correspond totally to what is happening now. I have not felt that for a long time. It is a lucky day and I can say, for some time, that Moldova has brought me luck. I will make all the effort necessary for Moldova to have a dignified performance in Portugal.

Could DoReDos top Sunstroke Project’s Eurovision result from last year? What do you think of “My Lucky Day”? What is your favorite Moldovan entry at the contest?

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