An Xtra Happy Birthday; March 4th!

Yesterday on 3rd of March rather many Eurovision artist had a birthday. Today there are also many that celebrate their birthday. In total of five artist, who had various results at the show. One finished in last place and one was in 3rd place. The song that ended in 3rd place is one of Eurovision´s wonders. Umberto Tozzi, Laila Halme, Søren Bundgaard, Ivo Fomins and Mike Moran were born on this day.

Umberto Tozzi, 86

Italy selected the big singer, Umberto and his college Raf to be their rperecentative in 1987. Therefore they went ton the stage in Brussels, Belgium. The song “Gente di mare” did really good at Eurovision and reached 3rd place. The song has then become one of Eurovision ultimate classics.

Laila Halme, 84

Finland went the song “Muistojeni laulu” to Eurovision Song Contest in 1963. Laila performed the song in London, UK. Unfortunately for her the song got 0 points, and therefore sharing the last place with three other countries.

Mike Moran, 70

UK chose the duo Mike Moran and Lynsey de Pau to be their act at Eurovision in 1977. That is why they went on the stage in London and performed their song “Rock Bottom”. The song did really well at the show and ended in the 2nd place!

Søren Bundgaard, 62

Denmark selected the the duet Hot Eyes, which consisted of Søren and Kirsten Siggaard in 1984. Therefore they performed their song “Det’ lige det” in Luxembourg. They song got good feedback and got 101 points final. That means it reached the 4th place at the final.

Ivo Fomins, 50

Latvia picked the band Formis & Kleins to go on their behalf to Eurovision in 2004. That is why they entered the stage in Istanbul, Turkey. Where they performed the song, “Dziesma par laimi” at the semi final. They performed their song proudly in Latvian and dismissed all talk of having the song in in English. Unfortunately for them they did not reach the top ten in the semi. Therefore not advancing to the final.

We all here at escXtra would like to wish them the very best on their birthday!

Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

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