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Success! “Non mi avete fatto niente” is certified gold!

So much has happened that it might feel like an eternity has gone by. In reality it’s been less than a month since Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro conquered the Festival di Sanremo stage. Already their winning entry Non mi avete fatto niente has received a certified gold status in Italy.

Despite some controversy, it looks like Italy has been listening to Non mi avete fatto niente non-stop ever since its release. The powerful duet recently received the desired Disco D’oro award, reserved for singles that have sold 25 thousand copies. Ermal himself broke the news on facebook:

So it has been doing pretty well in Italy then?

In short, yes. Even right now the Meta-Moro duet continues to have a presence in Italy’s Itunes charts, along with songs by fellow superfinalists Annalisa and Lo Stato Sociale. Although newcomers are starting to slowly taking over their turf, all three of them still remain in the top 10. It’s no wonder then that the Sanremo compilation album also peaked all the way at number one.

Of course one of the many plus sides to doing a duet also means that Non mi avete fatto niente got to appear on both Ermal Meta’s third solo album Non abbiamo armi and Fabrizio Moro’s compilation album Parole rumori e anni.

I’ve been living under a rock and would like to know how we got here

Ermal and Fabrizio both took part individually in Festival di Sanremo last year, but neither brought a dancing monkey on stage with them so obviously they lost.

This year they united their powers and formed a duo to take Festival di Sanremo by storm, managing to do just that. Non mi avete fatto niente’s powerful anti-terrorism message moved both the jury and the televoters, garnering an impressive 44,66% of the votes in the final round. They were quick to accept their invitation to Lisbon and are now busy preparing the shortened three minute version for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

Could this predict a good result for Italy at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest? What do you think of Non mi avete fatto niente?  Should they add a breakdancing cow to their performance?

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