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Franka Batelić unleashes her “Crazy” as she drops her Eurovision entry

One of Croatia’s more eminent young artists and Eurovision 2018 representative, Franka Batelić, unleashes her “Crazy” as she drops her entry today.

The songstress was internally selected by the Croatian National Boradcaster, HRT, and her participation in the contest was revealed last month through a series of teasers via social media.

Franka BatelićHow “Crazy” came to be

Ever since Franka was announced as the Croatian representative, the fans have been speculating regarding her entry. The lyrical story of the song is not only being performed by Franka herself, but she is also the songwriter of the track, giving it an extra personal touch.

However, the Croatian songstress somehow decided to play it safe when it came down to picking a composer and went for someone that she has already collaborated with previously and is responsible for some of her biggest hits,  Branimir Mihaljević.

Franka and Branimir were both working on three songs to present to HRT and “Crazy” was not among them. Since the three entries they both came up with did not seem to have that little something extra that would make them successful at Eurovision, they decided to get their creative juices going and spontaneously came up with “Crazy”. First came the music and Franka wrote the lyrics to match the emotion of the melody.


Despite keeping the entry as a secret, Franka’s manager, Siniša Bevanda, could not keep things to himself and revealed more information as to how they plan to stage the song in Lisbon.

We want a beautiful yet eye catching performance, but we will not do anything too big. Both me and the delegation are working on a few interesting ideas and preparing the concept intensively.

Franka Batelić – Crazy

Franka will perform “Crazy” at the second half of the first semi final on the 8th of May.

Do you like Franka’s “Crazy”? How do you think it will do at Eurovision? Did it manage to live up to your expectations? Will Franka manage to take Croatia to the grand final of the contest for the third year in a row? What is your favorite Croatian entry at Eurovision?

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Comments on Franka Batelić unleashes her “Crazy” as she drops her Eurovision entry

  • Chris S.

    I can’t help but feel like this song doesn’t really build up to anything special. It is visually stunning and Franka’s vocals were good, but at no point did the song ever really seem to do anything to hook me into it and make me want to listen to it again : /

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