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Alexander Rybak pays tribute to his fellow MGP finalists

Ahead of this weeks Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix final, good old Alexander Rybak has gone a bit violin crazy and filmed himself fiddling around with the entries by his fellow finalists.
This should come as no shock to you, but back in in 2009 a little somebody called Alexander Rybak won the Eurovision Song Contest. He fiddled his way through a fairytale and won the hearts of everyone around Europe. Now he’s ready to try his luck again by taking part in Melodi Grand Prix 2018. Hoping to represent Norway once more, all the while teaching us all how to write a song.

Welcome to the best line-up of songs in MGP history

Those are the words that begin his newly posted video, a fun medley of all the other competing entries from this year’s MGP. Looks like Rybak was either a bit bored one day or just so inspired by them that he chose to pay tribute, while showing off some interesting dance moves to boot.
So before you go off to write a hundred songs to submit to next years MGP based on Rybak’s advice, check out the video. Find out how well these entries work with a bit of fiddle magic added to them. Might just get you in the mood for this weeks MGP grand final.
What do you think of the medley? Are you hoping Rybak wins MGP this year? How much better are these songs thanks to his fiddling? Do you enjoy being asked all these questions? Should I continue?
Let us know in the comments and on social media @ESCXTRA! 

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