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“This is why we wanna do Eurovision again” – Alex, Aleks and Stella about their #MGP return

This Saturday, Norway will decide, who will represent them in Lisbon at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Alexander Rybak, Aleksander Walmann & Stella Mwangi are artists who represented Norway before and return this year to go to Eurovision for the second time.

Three artists – Three different backgrounds

While all of them represented Norway in the past, they all have different memories, results, and intentions to do Eurovision again. Of course, everyone remembers, when Alexander Rybak took the Eurovision crown back in 2009 with his hit “Fairytale”. His victory still remains as one of the most outstanding wins in Eurovision history.

“This time I do not see MGP as a place where I can promote myself, but rather an arena where I use myself to promote my music,” says Alexander Rybak

In 2011 Stella Mwangi represented Norway at the contest in Düsseldorf. Despite being a big fan favorite with her song “Haba Haba” and the arena going wild for her, she failed to qualify for the final.

I feel very confident in myself now. This is part of my musical journey and in many ways, it’s just a new day at work, says Stella Mwangi.

Most recently, Aleksander Walmann represented Norway just last year together with his mate Joakim aka JOWST and their tune “Grab The Moment”. Together they came up with an amazing tenth place in the grand final in Kyiv.

“I had never been able to set up entirely on my own this year without all the experience I did last year. Just joining this competition is a victory in itself, “Walmann said.

Three good friends compete against each other in Melodi Grand Prix

Actually, I’m not here primarily for winning, but for the love of music. We are good friends, more than we are competitors. At the same time, I believe that all three of our songs can win – and that they each have something to do in the finals in Portugal, continues Aleksander Walmann.
After Alexander Rybak won the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 he said, that he would never do MGP again. According to himself, he changed a lot since his big win. “Earlier in my career, I’ve had a heart in the wrong place, that I’ve been too busy by myself and mine. It is more important to be concerned with the close things, the people around you, one must keep in mind. I regret that I have not taken the time to better see how people around me have, “says Rybak.
All three will compete in the final of Melodi Grand Prix 2018 with their own songs this Saturday. However this will turn out, I’m sure, that all three would be happy for each other.
Who is your favorite to win MGP 2018 and therefore represent Norway in Lisbon? Let us know in the comments below or on social media @ESCXTRA.
Last year JOWST and Aleksander Walmann represented Norway with “Grab The Moment” and finished in a great tenth place in the final of Kyiv.

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