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Music video for “Oneiro Mou” released!

Hey you! Yes, you! Tired of replaying the same lyric video for “Oneiro Mou”? Well have we got JUST the solution, try out the link below and see the BRAND NEW music video. Act now and we’ll throw in a free…uhh…well, nothing really, you just get the video. It’s a good one though, we promise. 

Greece, being the innovator that they are, went with a new kind of selection process this year. First there were 5 songs, then 2 got disqualified. Then there were 3 left, but 2 more got disqualified. That left us with “Oneiro Mou” sung by Gianna Terzi as the default winner. If only other national finals could be this efficient.

This could all have very easily ended in disaster, but Greece got lucky once more, as fans reacted positively to “Oneiro Mou” right from the beginning. The official lyric video has managed to rack up over three million views on youtube, receiving over 45 thousand likes in the process. Even a quick glance at various fan communities will let you know that people are loving the entry so far.


Well no need to wait any longer, because it’s here. The actual video premiered tonight as part of a show lasting little over an hour. The video features plenty of beautiful landscape shots and Gianna being stuck in some dirt, while a man runs from some dead trees. Though trust us, there is plenty more to it than that. Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself down below:

Are you happy with the video? Confess, how many times are you going to rewatch this? Is it a 12 points from Cyprus?

Let us know in the comments and on social media @ESCXTRA! 

Rigmo Kannike

When not busy haunting various online chat rooms as his criminal alter ego, PeterP, Rigmo enjoys long walks on the beach and rooting for the absolute worst national final songs.

Comments on Music video for “Oneiro Mou” released!

  • marine

    Really touching! Love it, both song and video!

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