An Xtra Happy Birthday; March 8th!

Just like yesterday, we have four Eurovision birthday stars to celebrate today! One of them is even a former winner! This winner is also today’s oldest birthday girl; she’s born in the mid 50s. The youngest is almost a millennial; Molly Sterling was born in 1998, thus celebrating her 20th birthday today! 

Cherly Baker, 64

Cheryl represented the UK at the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin. She did so as part of the group Bicks Fizz. They won the contest with their song “Making Your Mind Up”.

Jakob Sveistrup, 46

Jakob represented Denmark at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv. He performed the song, “Talking to You”. In the semi-final he finished in third place, thus sailing through to the grand final. There he finished ninth. In Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, Jakob performed the Danish version of the song, “Tænder på dig“. There are a lot of Eurovision fans who wish he’s have kept it in Danish for Eurovision too.

Sergej Cetkovic, 42

Sergej Cetkovic represented Montenegro at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. He performed his beautiful ballad “Moj Svijet” in the first semi-final. There he finished in 7th place, thereby qualifying for the grand final. On the Saturday night, however, he didn’t do as well in the scoreboard. He recieved 37 points, thus finishing in 19th place. Utterly undeserved; he should have been at least 15 places higher on the list!
We won’t normally post the official videos in these articles, but this is possibly the most beautiful video in the history of the contest (at least it’s up there!), so here you go! Enjoy!

Molly Sterling, 20

Molly Sterling represented Ireland at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. She participated with the song “Playing With Numbers”. From starting position two in the second semi she finished 12, thus failing to qualify for the grand final.

All of us here at escXtra wish these four Eurovision birthday stars a very (Xtra) happy birthday! 

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