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Hungary hopes to host Eurovision Young Dancers and Eurovision Choir of the Year 2023

Hungary wants to host the 2023 editions of the Eurovision Young Dancers and Choir of the Year competition.

Hungary is currently looking for the city that will host the European Capital of Culture in 2023.  There are eight cities hoping to win the title and it is said that plans to host the two Eurovision competitions should be part of each city’s bid.

Located in the north of the country, Eger is one of the cities vying for the title of European Capital of Culture.  In its bid document, the city speaks about how it could host an “”outstanding event” that includes the Eurovision Young Dancers and Eurovision Choir of the Year competitions.  Hungary takes part in many of the Eurovision Family of Events, but as yet there is no news on whether the country would want to host the 2023 edition of the Eurovision Young Musicians contest.

European Capital of Culture 2023

The European Capital of Culture is a project led by the European Union whereby a city is designated with that exact title.  Over a period of a year, the city organises a series of cultural events with a strong pan-European dimension.

Significant cultural, social and economic benefits can be generated by a host city.  Futhermore, a city bestowed with the title of European Capital of Culture will have the opportunity to change the city’s image, raise its visibility and profile on an international scale, and will also be aided in fostering urban regeneration.

Hungary at Eurovision

Hungary first attempted to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1993.  With the song “Árva reggel” by Andrea Szulák, the country failed to qualify for the competition in a special qualification event.
Not since 1999 has Hungary taken part in the Eurovision Young Dancers competition.
In 2017, we saw the inaugural year of the Eurovision Choir of the Year competition.  Hungary participated with the song “Karádi nóták” sung by the Bela Bartok Male Choir.  Only the top three places were announced, in which, Hungary did not place.

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