An Xtra Happy Birthday; March 9th!

Four Eurovision artist had a birthday yesterday on 8th of March. Today. however, are two ladies ladies that took part at Eurovision from 1961-1980 that have a birthday. One of the represented her country three times. Furthermore she was really successful, because nobody has been on top 3 for all their performances. Kajta Ebstein and Lill-Babas were born on this day!

Lill-Babas, 80

In 1961 the song “April, April” won Melodifestivalen, and therefor was to compete at Eurovision in Cannes, France. Siw Malmkvist and Gunnar Wiklund performed it first, however it was decited that Lill-Babas would perform it instead. The song got two points, that is, it ended in 14th place out of 16 acts.

Kajta Ebstein, 73

West Germany selected Ebstein to be their reprecentative at Eurovion in 1970. That is why she went to Amsterdam and performed her song “”. Her lovely voice gave the song a great kick and it scored the third place. Germany clearly believed in Katja, because it selected her once again the year after. Where she got to perform the song “Dises Welt” in Dublin Ireland. This time she also managed to be third! What a talent!

After few year brake from Eurovision, Germany once again selected Kajta to go on their behalf. Therefore she went to Hague in 1980, where she performed the song “Theather” with four dancing actors behind her. This time she topped both earlier performances and came second at Eurovision. That makes her one of the most successful artist of Eurovision!

We all here at escXtra would like to wish these two lovely ladies a great happy birthday!

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