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Equinox to represent Bulgaria with “Bones”

The word is out! Bulgaria have announced that they will be represented by Equinox and the song “Bones”. The announcement ends months of searching for the perfect entry for Lisbon.

The newly formed Equinox

Equinox have been chosen as the Bulgarian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. Interestingly, we don’t quite know who Equinox actually are. Their Twitter page was launched just tonight, with their bio saying they are the project representing Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest.


The song Equinox will be singing in Lisbon is called “Bones”. A few days ago, BNT already announced that the song they had chosen was written by the Symphonix International team. That team has also been responsible for last year’s Bulgarian entry, “Beautiful Mess”. They are also behind this year’s Austrian entry, “Nobody But You” by César Sampson. The exact names of the composers behind “Bones” are Borislav Milanov, Trey Campbell, Joacim Persson & Dag Lundberg.

It won’t be long now before we get to hear the Bulgarian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. The hype surrounding their entry is quite big, with bookmakers considering the country the current second favourite to win Eurovision, just behind the recently released Israeli entry.

Months of searching

The Bulgarian entry wasn’t chosen in just a day. Equinox were one of thirteen projects selected by BNT to be presented to several focus groups. All of those focus groups gave out their votes, with “Bones” emerging as the winner from that selection process.

The upcoming weeks gave Bulgaria’s team the opportunity to perfect the entry for Lisbon. They’ve now managed to do so, after they recently finalised the song. Tomorrow morning, at 07:30 CET, Bulgaria will be premiering their entry. The official video will then also be revealed.

Bulgaria have been on an absolute roll lately. Their last two entries both finished in the top four, with Kristian Kostov finishing in second place last year in Kyiv. Can Bulgaria now make it to the highest spot on the podium? We’ll find out tomorrow!

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