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Julia Samoylova’s “I Won’t Break” revealed with a music video

Last year Julia Samoylova couldn’t make it to the Eurovision stage, but now she is more than ready to sing “I Won’t Break” for Russia in Lisbon.

Same team behind the song

The song got its premiere today as Russia’s broadcaster Channel One revealed the song and showed the music video on their newscast. The video was also uploaded to the official YouTube channel of Eurovision Song Contest shortly after.

The song has been written by the same team, who wrote Julia’s song last year โ€”
Leonid Gutkin, Netta Nimrodi, Arie Burshtein. The song is a ballad, just like “Flame is Burning”, but with a slightly more modern production.

Julia says the song described her perfectly.

This is a song about me. It’s as if the authors did their very best to set my own thoughts and feelings to music. It’s not so much a tender ballad as (it’s) a song about strength.

Leonid Gutkin, who previously wrote the Eurovision entries for Dina Garipova and Polina Gagarina, said that Julia insprises many people with her inner strength.

This is a very personal song. This is a song about Julia’s strength that inspires so many people. The song mentions a castle built of sand that looks very fragile but in fact is rock-solid.

Russia at Eurovision

After their Eurovision debut in 1994, Russia has taken part 20 times. They have qualified to the final every year since the introduction of the semifinals and placed in top three eight times.

Russia hosted the show in 2009, as Dima Bilan won the contest with “Believe” in 2008. The country is returning to the contest after being forced to withdraw last year.

What do you think about the song? Will Russia keep their perfect qualification score? Let us know below or on social media @ESCXTRA!

Comments on Julia Samoylova’s “I Won’t Break” revealed with a music video

  • Daniel Bengtsson

    She is a wonderful singer, but wasn’t the last year’s entry even better? Pity she can’t compete with Flame is burning from last year. I love that song! It is difficult to repeat though.

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