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Alexander won MGP by a landslide – again

Alexander Rybak won Melodi Grand Prix 2018 by a landslide! In the Silver final he recieved more votes than the other three Silver finalists put together! Stella & Alexandra finished third in the Gold final, ahead of Aleksander Walmann in 4th. 

New voting format

NRK introduced a new format for the voting in MGP this year. First, all ten finalists performed their song. Four of these proceeded to the Silver final. Who these four were, were decided by 50% international juries and 50% Norwegian televotes.

The Silver final

The next round, that would decide which two acts went on to the Gold duel, was decided by Norwegian televotes only. The votes from the first round did not count in this vote. As you can see here, Alexander recieved more than half of the votes in this round, leaving the other three Silver finalists to share approximately 40% of the votes.

Alexander: 133 164, Rebecca: 46 260, Stella & Alexandra: 29 784, Aleksander Walmann : 7 927

The Gold Duel

After having been called as winners of the Silver final, Alexander and Rebecca got to perform their songs once more. Going into the Gold duel, they brought with them the votes they had recieved in the Silver final. While they performed their entries again, the voting lines re-opened, and again, only Norwegian sms- and televotes would decide the winner. And as you can see; there was never any doubt as to who was Norway’s favorite!


Alexander: 306 393, Rebecca: 123 504

Not quite 2009 levels

So, like back in 2009, Alexander turned out to be Norway’s favorite this year. Last time he won both Melodi Grand Prix and Eurovision Song Contest by the largest magins ever. And even though there was never any doubt as to who the Norwegian people wanted as their representative in Lisbon, the numbers this time were still a far cry from the legendary MGP-victory of “Fairytale”. Back then, Alexander received almost 75% of the votes, thus leaving the other three Gold finalists to share the remaining 25%.

Fairytale: 747 888, Butterflies: 121 856, Find My Girl: 73 080, Te stein: 62 683

5th to 10th place

NRK has decidednot to reveal the remaining results from the international juries, who only revealed who they gave their 12 points to. The same goes for the numbers of votes received by the artists finishing in 5th to 10th place.
Head of MGP, Stig Karlsen, says this is to keep the focus on the ones who had the best results. Stig told

We want MGP to be a good experience, also for the artists who finish lower in the results. I think this way of doing it may have a positiv effect on recruiting artists to MGP.

How Alexsander thought the vote went

Watch the rest of the “The morning after” interview here.
What do you think of this result? Did you, like Alexander himself, think that this was a “close call”, or did you, like Wiv, expect this kind of landslide victory?

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