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DoReDos release brand new music video for “My Lucky Day”

They got secrets to unfold. They got stories never told…Insert more lyrics here, point is that DoReDos have just released the new music video for „My Lucky Day“

The song has received a bit of a mixed reaction, but if you aren’t busy leaving dislikes (shame on you if you are, save those for reaction videos) on their youtube videos, then you will be pleased to find a fun, joyful trip to hip-shake land here. Filmed in sunny Santorini, the video shows off plenty of clapping, dancing and fabric flowing in the wind. It’s like that vacation video your friend asks you to like on facebook, except not filmed in portrait mode.

Remember their lucky day?

Of course you do, it happened just two weeks ago. It was third time lucky for DoReDos, as they managed to win over both the jury and televoters, receiving a landslide of 3,813 votes.  Their game of mirrors and energetic dancing left even one of the authors, Philipp Kirkorov, looking on in awe. Now they hope to recreate it in Lisbon and hopefully have even more luck getting to the final.

You know this works! Tell us what you think of the music video. Is there enough dancing?  Does it change your opinion about the song? Who wear a dinner jacket to the beach anyways?

Let us know in the comments and on social media @ESCXTRA! 

Rigmo Kannike

When not busy haunting various online chat rooms as his criminal alter ego, PeterP, Rigmo enjoys long walks on the beach and rooting for the absolute worst national final songs.

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