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Fire away! ZiBBZ reveal official video for “Stones”

ZiBBZ have released the official video for their entry “Stones”. And if you listen carefully, you’ll hear that there has been a small revamp as well. Check it out below!

A protest against bullying

The video shows both band members, Corinne and Stefan Gfeller, in a large warehouse. Over the course of the video, more people join them. Each of the people in the video protest against bullying.

ZiBBZ have made it really clear what their song is about. It is a call to end all kinds of bullying. The statement released with the video says:

Bullying stops people from dreaming. It happens everywhere and of course putting yourself down is also a form of bullying.

Slight revamp

The new version of “Stones” also gives us a slight revamp. It’s not as big as some countries would do, but there are some differences. The instrumental has been slightly enhanced, to give the song a fuller sound.

The video now counts three minutes and 39 seconds. It is therefore to be expected that the Swiss entrants for the Eurovision Song Contest will use the old intro for the semi-final in Lisbon.

What do you think about the Swiss entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018? Can ZiBBZ make it through to the final in Lisbon? Let us know what you think!

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