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New music video for “Mall” released!

Tired of watching Eugent grab after that microphone high up in the air in his old FIK (this article would be the length of Moby Dick if I wrote out Festivali i Këngës fully each time) preview video for “Mall”? Well, he has just released a brand new music video, featuring 80% less actual band members and 100% more black and white filters. 

Ah, feels like just a few days ago you woke up all excited on FIKmas morning, ready to take in every single last interval act it had to offer. You ran downstairs, unplugged the phone, pulled down the curtains and turned the TV on, only to find out you still had 8 long hours to wait. Excitedly you rocked back and forth on your sofa, waiting all day long, only to fall asleep mid-show later that same evening. Good times.

Just recently Eugent released the new revamped version, thankfully keeping the essence of the song and the original language, which Albania often likes to change. The new version came with the same old preview video, but that wasn’t really much of a work of art. The new one aims to correct that, featuring slow-motion dancing, serious stares directly at the camera, hands reaching out and men and women convulsing in a pile of…yeah let’s just say it’s interesting.

And the odds?

OOOH BOY, look at the time, I have to go. Let’s just quietly look past the current odds and hope Eugent manages to qualify and finally bring Albania a little bit of luck, as they haven’t had much these past few years.

You know how this works. Tell us what you think of the video. Does it stand out when compared to everything else that has been released so far? Have you ever been involved in a big dance orgy?

Let us know in the comments below and on social media @ESCXTRA!

Rigmo Kannike

When not busy haunting various online chat rooms as his criminal alter ego, PeterP, Rigmo enjoys long walks on the beach and rooting for the absolute worst national final songs.

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