An Xtra Happy Birthday; March 27th!

The other day on 25th of March, three female Eurovision singers had a birthday. Today there are also three birthday ladies. One of them was placed second and did the same as well as winning Eurovision next time she participated. The winner seems to have more then one birthday, since sources do not agree. Linda Martin, Polina Gagarina and Lidia Isac are celebrating their birthday today.

Linda Martin, 66-71?

Different sources say different dates, 27.03.1952, 13.04.1947 and 17.04.1947. So we really have no idea when she’s born, so we’ll celebrate all three dates. Also, we don’t know how old she is…apparently somewhere between 66 and 71.

Linda has taken part at Eurovision two times, first time she sang “Terminal 3” in 1984, which was written by Johnny Logan himself. The song did well in Luxembourg, that is it placed second at the Contest.

Ireland selected Martin once again in 1992 to go on their behalf to Malmö, Sweden. Like last time, Johnny Logan also wrote her song. The song is called “Why Me”, and stole the show and won Eurovision. Only five people at Eurovision have gain both first and second place at Eurovision.


Polina Gagarina, 31

Russia selected Polina in 2015, to go and compete in Vienna. That is why she went on stage and sang the song “A Million Voices”. Despite the audience booing during her song, more related to Russian politics then her, she advance from the semi final. Not just that, she got 303 points at the final, giving her the 2nd place at the contest.

Lidia Isac, 25

Moldova selected Lidia to be their representative at Eurovision in 2006. Therefore she performed the song “Falling Stars” at semi final one in Stockholm, Sweden. Unfortunately, she did not get as much votes has the other two birthday girls, and failed to reach the final. But I am sure the song will be remembered by the dancer in the space suit! Lot of things can happen on the Eurovision stage.

We all here at escXtra would like to wish the three of them a wonderful happy birthday!

Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

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