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Eye Cue go acoustic for the first live performance of “Lost and Found”

Eye Cue have decided to gradually increase and tease the Euroverse by weekly updating the fans of the contest about what they are up to. This Friday, we were able to hear the first live performance of the acoustic version of  Macedonia’s Eurovision entry “Lost and Found”.

Despite there being a video recording of their performance at the Story Awards, this will be the first televised live performance of Eye Cue’s song.

Backing vocalists for Lisbon revealed

As we previously reported, last week during one of the most eminent music show in the country STISNI PLAY (Press Play), the names of the vocalist that will help out Marija in achieving the punch of the studio cut of the song were revealed.

In addition to that, we also got a little sneak peak behind the scenes of their rehearsals for Lisbon. The choreographer responsible for their stage performance is Jana Andrejevic – Lazareva. Here is what she had to say about the ongoing preparations:

I will not try to take away from Eye Cue’s strength as performers. Eurovision is not the place to experiment and changing their personas completely. On the contrary, we will idolize their stage presence and go with their strengths.

Acoustically Found

Eye Cue will represent the small Balkan nation in the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon. They will perform “Lost and Found” in the second half of the first semi final on the 8th of May.

⇓ Check out the acoustic version of “Lost and Found” ⇓

What do you think of this version of Eye Cue’s entry? Did you like the live performance? Could they expect a ticket for the grand final of the contest? How would you rank Macedonia’s entry this year?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and on all social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter at @ESCXTRA.

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