Tel Aviv 2019

1000+ entries submitted for MGP 2019

NRK just announced that they have received more than a 1000 songs for Melodi Grand Prix/ MGP 2019!

As the submission window for entries to Melodi Grand Prix 2019 closed at midnight, NRK had received more than 1000 songs. Even though this is a very respectable number, it seems to be a slight reduction compared to last year. in 2018 NRK received a record number of close to 1200 entries

As you might remember, there were a lot of big names in last year’s Melodi Grand Prix. Most of these were asked specifically to enter, and it’s safe to assume that this has happened/will happen also this year.  The process now is as follows; Project manager/HoD Stig Karlsen and his team has A LOT of listening to do…

Stig Karlsen, Norway's Head of Delegation

We still don’t know when MGP 2019 will take place, nor has NRK announced the date when they will reveal the names/songs . We will of course keep you up to date on all developments! 

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