Anouk deals with exes in new single

One of the Netherlands’ biggest stars, Anouk, is back with a new single. Once again opting for a Dutch language song, Het Is Klaar, deals with Anouk’s exes. And she isn’t mellow…

Exes to deal with

“I’ve had it with your bloody ugly face”, sings the 43 year old songstress in her new effort. The song offers an inside look in how Anouk looks back at her exes. She tells them all they’re worthless, odious men. The title translates as “It’s Done”, referring to her feelings towards her exes. Furthermore, the lyrics speak of being cheated on, taking hits and being lied to. It’s fair to say that the described relationships haven’t been the happiest.

Drifting away from the rock of her early career or the soul she showcased after Eurovision, she has now landed with a more R&B style. She is accompanied by a choir style backing vocal. Anouk herself delivers a more powerful vocal than she showed in other recent songs. The single will be part of Anouk’s new album, Wen D’r Maar Aan, which translates to “Get used to it”, perhaps referring to her new style.

A tutorial to kill

The video for Het Is Klaar can be described as a tutorial to kill. The video shows women dealing with their partners. Some of the men receive poison, others get stabbed to death with a shovel in the trunk of a car. At the end of the video, we see a woman pushing her man off a balcony. She clearly wasn’t the only one in the apartment building with that idea, as multiple other men are seen falling from the rooftops. Quite a shift from the birds that were falling in her 2013 Eurovision entry.

Anouk at Eurovision

Back in late 2012, Anouk surprised many when she said she wanted to go to the Eurovision Song Contest for The Netherlands. After years of misfortune, the broadcaster opted to internally select the nation’s most popular singer. She represented the country with Birds and finished in ninth in the Grand Final.

Two years later, Anouk’s good friend Trijntje Oosterhuis followed her footsteps. With lyrics for Walk Along being written by Anouk, the country was hopeful. Due to a doubtful stage performance, however, Anouk’s indirect Eurovision return was no success. She later openly criticised Trijntje’s performance in Vienna.

After Eurovision, Anouk gave birth to her sixth child. She also became a coach on The Voice of Holland. Recently, the franchise announced that the singer would also become a coach on The Voice Kids.

What do you think about Anouk’s new single ”Het Is Klaar”? Let us know!

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    Weergaloos goed nr ! Wordt een hoge notering in de tops

  • Belia

    Weergaloos goed nr ! Wordt een hoge notering in de tops#Anoukisthebest

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