Eurovision Trivia: So You Think You Know… Czech Republic

We are now on Czech Republic trivia, and if you have been paying attention, Cyprus fans, I haven’t forgotten you. I said the Czechs would be this week last week and I’m making good on that. Next week will be your week. But this week it’s a country that has only really recently truly come into the Eurovision fold, despite sitting in the centre of Europe, and we hope they stay for many more years of building a legacy in the contest.

With some weeks before we begin looking forward to Eurovision 2019, it’s that time in a Eurovision fan’s year to reflect on past years and all the good music and events they brought. And, also, some trivia.gtlrus.ccomm

So You Think You Know… is a new series that will arrive each Wednesday, each time focusing on a new active Eurovision country. We are continuing alphabetically but going back one next time, so Cyprus will be next.

The Czechs finally sent their first entry to Eurovision in which year?

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Some Czechs might wish to pretend their Eurovision history only started in 2015.

This entry, ‘Mala Dama’, means what in the Czech language?

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What is the only year of Eurovision where Czech Republic and Slovakia have been in the same contest?

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How many points did Gipsy.cz, the ill-fated Romani rap group score?

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Marta Jandova of Hope Never Dies was lead singer of a band with origins in which nation?

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The band’s name is Die Happy and they are really rather good.

‘Hope Never Dies’ did what to the overall Czech point total (rounding to the nearest 10)?

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It should have been the last one. The figures are, from the previous three entries, 1+9+0, up against 33. That’s 10 to a new total of 43, rounded down to 40, so 4 times. It was the start of a new era.

What running order position in that year’s final did unlucky ‘I Stand’ find itself in?

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This made the Czech poor performance in their first grand final sadly a bit of a foregone conclusion.

Which country has the Czech Republic given the most points to in the final?

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‘Lie To Me’ got the Czechs their best ever position this year, what was that position?

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If you haven’t already played them (or just want to play them again), check out the below links for the So You Think You Know… quizzes from past weeks.










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