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Glennis Grace preparing for “big announcement”

Glennis Grace is currently making headlines in the United States after making the final of America’s Got Talent. The 40 year old Dutch singer has given an interview to RTL Boulevard, where she discussed her upcoming plans. In that interview, she mentioned she was preparing for a “big announcement” soon…

Eurovision or a tour?

Only two things seemed logical to the RTL Boulevard panel when Glennis Grace mentioned her big announcement. Panel member Rick Brandsteder hinted at a tour. Glennis Grace previously sold out Ahoy Rotterdam twice for a Whitney Houston tribute concert. Speculation exists that she is turning that into a tour, potentially going abroad as well.

However, host Ruben Nicolai stepped away from the concert theme and moved on to another topic: the Eurovision Song Contest. Rumour has it that Avrotros are hoping to send Glennis Grace to Tel Aviv. Glennis’s good friend and former Eurovision entrant Gordon refused to comment on the matter. He said he really wouldn’t comment and instead reached for his glass of wine. Does he know something we don’t?

A change of mind?

It wouldn’t be Grace’s first Eurovision attempt. She previously took part in Kyiv, back in 2005. Her My Impossible Dream then failed to make it through to the final. In 2013, the singer was asked how she felt about a potential Eurovision return. She then mentioned perhaps considering it together with her band, the Ladies of Soul. She did not seem to be open to a solo return to the contest.

Five years later, a return is more heavily rumoured than ever. It’s just a question of a change of mind. If the singer indeed changed her mind, she might be one of the contenders to fly the Dutch flag in Tel Aviv in May 2019.

One should however take a look at the probability of this scenario, which, admittedly, isn’t all too big. If she were to win America’s Got Talent on Tuesday, it is doubtful whether the contract signed afterwards would leave time for the Eurovision Song Contest. It might not even be allowed for her to take part at Europe’s biggest entertainment show.

Time will tell what Glennis Grace’s big announcement will be. Until that time, we will be focussing on her progress in the United States. The grand finale of America’s Got Talent will take place on Tuesday, 19:00 CST. If you want to watch it in Europe… That’s 02:00 CET. Tyra Banks will host the results show a day later at the same time.

What do you think Glennis Grace’s big announcement could be? Is a Eurovision return on the cards?

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