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Russian singer Darya Antonyuk still interested in Eurovision

Around two years after being rumored to represent Russia in Ukraine, Darya Antonyuk is still very much interested in competing at Eurovision. Which begs the question: could we be seeing her in Tel Aviv?

Who is Darya Antonyuk?

Darya is a 22 year old Russian singer. Back in 2016, she won season five of The Voice Russia (Golos), becoming the youngest winner in the show’s history. Most recently, she finished second at the New Wave competition in her homeland. This is where we also saw Demy compete, who finished just behind Darya in third place.

Watch one of her performances on The Voice Russia here:

She says it would be “an honor to represent my country”

Speaking to, Darya became aware that many people would like to see her represent Russia. In addition, if this was the case, she would try to give Russia their second victory. However, it is not considered to be her goal, and she is more interested in the music.

I know that many would like to see me at Eurovision for Russia. I can only say one thing – if such an offer is made for me, of course, it will be an honor to represent my country. (I’d) try to bring (Russia) a second victory, but I do not consider it my goal. I’m much more interested in quality music, with which I want to try to bring our show business to the international level.

Fans may remember that Darya was expected to represent Russia at Eurovision 2017. Despite being the favorite from the shortlist, she was not selected. Instead, the Russian broadcaster chose Julia Samoylova, who eventually had to wait a year before taking to the Eurovision stage.

Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018

As mentioned, Julia Samoylova represented Russia in Portugal with her song “I Won’t Break”. This marked the first time Russia failed to qualify from the semi finals. They finished 15th in the second semi-final with 65 points.

Would you like to see Darya represent Russia? Or do you have another artist in mind? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or via our social media @ESCXTRA!

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