Mélanie René releases “Dancefloor” as Melyz

Three years after her Eurovision participation, Mélanie René is back with not only new music, but also a new stage name – Melyz. Her first single under her new stage name is “Dancefloor”.

I lost my heart on the dancefloor

True to its title, “Dancefloor” is an electro pop banger that easily fits in on any nightclub’s playlist. It is a new direction musically with few resemblances to her Eurovision entry “Time To Shine”. However, it’s a well produced and catchy modern track that will no doubt get people to dance the night away. In addition, Melyz showcases impressive vocals – but we already knew she can sing!

The music video

The music video features two different settings. The first one is set in daylight, with Melyz dressed in a red dress and a leather jacket. The background is subdued and lacking in color, which makes her stand out even more. A hooded figure appears and throughout the video they keep running into and away from each other.

The second setting is at night. This time around, Melyz is dressed more casually, sporting a denim jacket and dark shirt.

Mélanie René at Eurovision

Before her rebranding, she participated at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna. Representing her native Switzerland, Mélanie took part in the second semi-final. Unfortunately, impressive visuals and a good vocal performance wasn’t enough to get her to the final. In fact, Switzerland ended in last place, scoring only 4 points.

Do you prefer her “Time To Shine” or “Dancefloor”? Would you like to see Melyz in Eurovision again with her new music? Let us know in the comments below or on social media @ESCXTRA.

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