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Albania’s Junior Fest participants revealed. Ana Kodra returns!

From more than 40 songs submitted to RTSH for the Junior Fest Albania 2018, 16 have been selected to participate in the final of the contest.

About the 16 songs competing, the Albanian Head of Delegation, Kleart Duraj said.

The sixteen songs are trying to tackle social issues affecting children, some of them are songs dedicated to children’s dreams and games. There are so many different singing styles and genres, from dance to pop and beautiful ballads.

 Kleart Duraj, HoD of Albania.

The Runners and Riders

The 16 finalists who will be competing to represent Albania at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Minsk, Belarus, are:

  1. “Melodi pranverore” (Spring melody) – Hera Hysi (music: Diana Ziu lyrics: Mimoza Bici)
  2. “Mbrëmje feste” (Celebration night) – Emmi Rushiti (music: A. Kaloshi lyrics: Irma Kurti)
  3. “Sot” (Today) – Kristiana Veshaj (music & lyrics: Vasil Cuni)
  4. “Barby” – Efi Gjika (music: Efi Gjika lyrics: Hristina Gjika)
  5. “Happy” – Jasmina Hako (music & lyrics: Adrian Hila)
  6. “Me tinguj fantazi” (With fantasy melody) – Sindi Goga (music & lyrics: Arber Kocllari)
  7. “Çdo gjë do dashuri” (Everything needs love) – Iris Sula & Samanta Qoshku (music: Edmond Rrapi lyrics: Leidi Shqiponja)
  8. “Panorama” – Era Rakipllari (music: Endrit Fusha lyrics: Mishela Rapo)
  9. “Botë e re” (New world) – Merlin Xhai (music: Endrit Shani lyrics: Florian Zyka)
  10. “Është koha” (It’s time) – Laura Boriçi (music & lyrics: Armand Broshka)
  11. “Ylberi im” (My rainbow) – Iris Dollani (music & lyrics: Enis Mullaj)
  12. “Ylli im” (My star) – Sajana Kodhelaj (music: Gjergj Kaçinari lyrics: Ana Kaçinari)
  13. “Prindër ju lutem” (Parent, please) – Ana Kodra (music & lyrics: Eriona Rushiti)
  14. “Ëndërroj” (I dream) – Melodajn Mancaku (music: Uendi Mancaku lyrics: Etmond Mancaku)
  15. “Ditari” (Diary) – Speranca Bregasi (music & lyrics Alban Male)
  16. “Qiellin dhe yjet i dua” (The sky and stars I love) – Uendi Goga (music: Jetmir Mehmeti lyrics: Suela Tukaj)

The final of Junior Fest Albania which takes place on September 23rd, will be held at the Amphitheater of the Lake Park in Tirana, Albania.

Some interesting facts!

There are a few things that are significant about the participants from Junior Fest. Firstly, Ana Kodra comes back in Junior Fest Albania. Last year in Tbilisi, she represented Albania with the song “Don’t Touch My Tree”. Secondly, another comeback is Mishela Rapo, the representative of Albania in JESC 2015, who this year has written the lyrics of the song “Panorama”. Thirdly, Adrian Hila, the composer of “Dambaje” in JESC 2015, has composed and written the song “Happy”.

Furthermore, what else to note is, few of the songs are written or composed by the young singers themselves. Efi Gjika has written the melody of her competing song.

Albania at Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

2018 will be Albania’s 5th participation at the contest. Albania debuted in 2012 with Igzidora Gjeta with the song “Kam një këngë vetëm për ju”.  This finished Twelfth and therefore last with 35 points. Albania then withdrew for 2 years. Albania returned to the contest in 2015 with Mishela Rapo with the song “Drabaje”. This was Albania’s best ever result with a Fifth-Place scoring 93 points. In 2016, Albania were represented by Klesta Qehaja with the song “Besoj”. Last year in 2017, they were represented by Ana Kodra with the aforementioned song “Don’t Touch My Tree”.

Relive Ana Kodra’s “Don’t Touch My Tree” below.

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