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Eurovision in Concert details revealed

One of the largest Eurovision pre-parties, Amsterdam’s Eurovision in Concert has confirmed the venue for its 11th edition. This news comes just days after the announcement of the date (6th of April).

Alongside the announcement, AFAS Live, a new logo for the event was also unveiled on the official Twitter account:

The post confirmed that the venue would indeed be the same as the 2018 edition, despite AFAS originally being a one-off to commemorate its ten-year anniversary of the event. Organisers also promised that news about ticket sales will be made available ‘soon’. With how quickly details are emerging for the event, ‘soon’ could mean a matter of days.

ESCXTRA’s pre-party coverage

As usual, the ESCXTRA team will be on the ground in Amsterdam, bringing fresh content and updates for fans who aren’t attending. In addition to recordings of the performances, we will be uploading interviews with the performing artists. In the meantime, coverage of last year’s event can be found on our Youtube channel

Now 11 years in, Eurovision in Concert is one of Europe’s most established pre-parties. Other notable events include Israel Calling, Eurovision PreParty Riga, the Moscow Eurovision Pre-Party and, of course, the London Eurovision Party, of which has been the media partner for years.

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