Philipp Kirkorov releases rap single with Egor Kreed and Timati

Philipp Kirkorov is one of Russia’s best selling artists and has been involved in the Eurovision Song Contest for a decade now. Most recently, he produced the Moldovan entry into Eurovision 2018, DoReDoS’s My Lucky Day. He also wrote the Russian entry into Eurovision 2016, Sergey Lazarev’s You Are the Only One which came 3rd in the final.

Now, he’s ventured in to rap and has released a new single with rapper Egor Kreed and Timati, Tsvet nastroyeniya chernyy!

Philipp’s mood is black

The song (the title of which translates to My Mood is Coloured Black) features Philipp and Egor rapping about “bitches” and having an extragavant, rapper lifestyle.

As a disclaimer: the lyrics of Timati’s and Egor’s music is often…rather controversial and/or sexist, and may offend readers.

On my way out of the house, I chose black

All my bitches are into black

All my cars are strictly black

My entire crew is into black (black)

I go for brunettes, though nothing against blondes

They’re just always at the end of the list

Rocker jeans, black leather, it’s a principle

The stone shines on my pinky, we’re princes atop black stallions

A translated section of the lyrics to Tsvet nastroyeniya chernyy
Image result for raise eyebrows

…classy. We know Timati and Egor like to stir things up, but when you sing these kind of things, you’re taking it to to the next level of controversial. Take a listen for yourself below.

The music video features Philipp arriving at a club dressed in an incredibly flamboyant and jewel-encrusted outfit. He even wears a huge, blue, feathered headress lined with diamonds. Egor and Timati take Philipp into the basement of the building and transform him into a rapper with tattoos and chains.

Take a look for yourself and let us know your thoughts on the song in the comments below and on social media @ESCXTRA

What are your thoughts on the…”interesting” lyrics? Does Philipp Kirkorov look better in his huge headress and velvet gown or as a rapper? Do you want to see more of Philipp in Eurovision?

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