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Portugal: RTP reveals the 10 finalists of “Juniores de Portugal”

After confirming “Juniores de Portugal” as the selection method, the Portuguese broadcaster has now revealed a shortlist of 10 finalists. Seventy applications were sent to RTP, and only ten names are still in the run to represent the country in Minsk, on 25th November. Will Portugal be able to achieve its first top 10 in the competition?

Juniores de Portugal 2018

Despite the poor result of the previous year, RTP has decided to use “Juniores de Portugal” for the second year in a row. The format was open to submissions for children with Portuguese nationality and with an age between 9 and 14 years old. Among the 70 received applications, a jury composed by music and media personalities has selected the 10 finalists.

The 10 finalists will have to do now a presential casting, and the winner will be invited to represent Portugal in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with a song selected by RTP. 

To find the song to take to the competition, RTP has invited a composer to present one or more songs with themes addressed to children, meeting a criteria of diversity, empathy and modernity.

The 10 finalists

  • Carolina Teixeira  
  • Eva Stuart 
  • Julia Ochoa
  • Lara Matos Ferreira
  • Malia Afonso
  • Mariana Chaves
  • Matilde Cepeda
  • Nuno Siqueira
  • Rita Laranjeira
  • Sara Monteiro

Portugal in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Portugal does not have a successful journey in the contest. The first Portuguese appearance goes back to 2006 when Pedro Madeira represented the country with the song “Deixa-me sentir”. In 2007 Portugal decided to participate once again, but the outcome didn’t change, placing second to last once again. Between 2008 and 2016 Portugal decided to stay out of the competition, and only in 2017 has returned. Last year, Mariana Venancio has represented the country with “Youtuber”, beating only Cyprus and Ireland in the voting table. 

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