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Efi Gjika to represent Albania at Junior Eurovision

Albania have become the fourteenth country to select their entrant for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Efi Gjika has won Junior Fest 2018 and will now sing her song Barby in Minsk.

Sixteen artists for one ticket

RTSH hosted Junior Fest to find their entrant for Junior Eurovision. A total of sixteen artists took part in the event. Only two of the entrants, Jasmina Hako and Era Rakipllari, made use of the English language for their entries. The other fourteen stuck with their native Albanian.

Amongst the pack, we saw one familiar name to the fans of the Junior Eurovision Song Contet. Ana Kodra was back for a second consecutive year. Last year, she won the Albanian ticket to Junior Eurovision.  In Georgia’s capital Tbilisi, she then sang Do Not Touch My Tree. The song eventually finished in thirteenth place.

Ana Kodra couldn’t repeat her success last night. Instead, she had to leave the honour of flying her country’s flag to Efi Gjika. She will now travel to Minsk to represent Albania there with the song Barby. She composed the song herself, together with Hristina Gjika.

Turning their luck?

Albania have not been amongst the most successful countries in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Igzidora Gjeta became the first entrant for the country back in 2012. After her last place finish, RTSH decided to withdraw for two editions.

Their return in 2015 was more successful. Mishela Rapo’s Dambaje finished in fifth. Albania’s latest two entries were a return to the lower end of the scoreboard, with both Klesta Qehaja and Ana Kodra finishing in thirteenth.

Can Efi Gjika turn Albania’s luck around? Can she bring RTSH their first Eurovision related victory ever? Let us know!


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