Nathan Trent releases a “Killer” new track

No longer Running on Air, done with spreading Good Vibes and out of Secrets, everyone’s favourite Austrian songbird, Nathan Trent, has just come out with an interestingly dark yet quirky new single titled “Killer”.

The song (written by Nathan Trent himself) is darker both in it’s visuals and tone than what we’ve come to expect from him recently, while still featuring plenty of youthful energy thanks to a catchy pop-rock tune and Nathan’s signature vocals. Nathan himself describes the song as such:

‘Killer’ puts experiences of past relationships into a very upbeat and energetic song. It’s a wake up call to break free from manipulation and the feeling of imprisonment within a relationship.

Filmed in noirish black and white, the video features plenty of appropriately dark imagery, beautiful cinematography, running (of course) and Nathan testing out his Headless Horseman routine right in time for the upcoming Halloween season. But enough throwing words at you, go ahead and check out the video for yourself on YouTube:

Or listen to it on Spotify down below:

A man, a moon and a tune

To remind ourselves of his Eurovision achievements, we have to think back to 2016, when a carefree and head-still-on-my-body Nathan Trent took us on a tour across the moon. His charming smile and smooth vocals landed him a spot in the grand final, finishing 16th overall. If you are feeling a bit gloom, then there is really no better time to cheer yourself up by experience it all again:

What do you think about the new single? Do you like the darker mood? Are you hoping to see Nathan Trent return to Eurovision one day? Anyone got any idea how to reattach a severed head? Superglue?

 Give us your opinion in the comments below and on social media @ESCXTRA

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