Poland’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest Journey so far

Next November 25th, Minsk Arena will host the sixteenth Junior Eurovision Song Contest. It will be the second time that the event takes place in the venue in Belarus’s capital. With Ukraine’s last minute confirmation, a record-breaking 20 countries will participate. Therefore, it is the perfect time to look back at the journeys of all of this year’s participating countries in the contest. Today, let’s travel continue our journey and head to Poland!

Quick facts

  • Country: Poland
  • Broadcaster: TVP
  • Debut appearance: 2003
  • Number of participations: 4
  • Highest finish: 8(2017)
  • Lowest finish: 17th and last (2004)

Back to the very beginning…

Poland competed in the very first Junior Eurovision in 2003 in Copenhagen. The country’s first representative was Katarzyna Żurawik with her song “Coś mnie nosi”. Unfortunately, she finished 16th and last on the scoreboard with just 3 points.

Poland’s journey so far..

Since debuting in 2003, Poland has only made a total 4 appearances at Junior Eurovision. Following their unsuccessful start, Poland returned in 2004 with  KWADro and “Łap życie“. However, they suffered the same fate of Katarzyna and finished last in the scoreboard once again with 3 points. Poland then withdrew from the contest in 2005 and didn’t return until more than a decade later in 2016 in Malta. Olivia Wieczorek was the first representative after their return and she sang her beautiful song “Nie Zapomnij”. She narrowly missed out on being in the top 10 finishing 11th with 60 points. However, it was in 2017 that Poland finally managed to place in the top 10, finishing 8th with Alicija Rega’s “Moj Dom”.

Looking ahead to 2018

As we reported on Saturday, TVP internally selected 13-year old Roksana Wegiel to be there representative in Minsk. Roskana rose to fame after winning the first season of the Polish version of The Voice Kids, back in February this year. It was the first time that the country opted for internal selection since returning. In fact, they previously used the televised show called Krajowe Eliminacje do Konkursu Piosenki Eurowizji to select their entrant. 

My favourite Polish entry!

I only knew the 2017 entry before writing this piece and it actually is my favourite Polish entry! 

I don’t think Poland deserved to come last in their first 2 attempts but those songs aren’t my favourite. The choice was between 2016 and 2017 and I did listen to each song a few times before ultimately picking Alicja. Actually, when I was watching Junior Eurovision last November, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the song and I remember being surprised at it doing so well with the jury vote. However, fast forward to now and I really appreciate the beauty of this piece. I love both piano and strings and they are very well represented in this song. It’s true that last week I said that I always prefer an uplifting song, but again doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate other types of song like this one! I don’t speak Polish but this song is able to give me a sense of peace and tranquility that comes from having a safe home. The performance was simple yet extremely effective, it is really touching! Poland definitely deserved the top 10 in Tbilisi, perhaps should have even be in the top 5!

Our countries’ journeys so far:

  1. FYR Macedonia
  2. Armenia
  3. The Netherlands
  4. Israel
  5. Ukraine
  6. Georgia
  7. Russia
  8. Malta
  9. Italy
  10. Azerbaijan
  11. Serbia

My favourite was 2017 but what is your favourite Polish entry at Junior Eurovision? What kind of song are you hoping they will send to Minsk?

Don’t forget to come back next Tuesday for another journey down another country’s Junior Eurovision memory lane! 

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Riccardo Maddalozzo

Born in Italy, I have lived in 5 countries in 3 continents. I discovered Eurovision by accident in 2010 and became a superfan in 2013. I attended both Eurovision and Junior Eurovision events and covered several national finals on the ground and hope to continue doing so for a long time!

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