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Melodi Grand Prix 2019 on March 2nd!

The Norwegian public broadcaster, NRK, just announced that the national selection to Eurovision, Melodi Grand Prix 2019, will take place in Oslo Spektrum on 2 March. 

No format change

Melodi Grand Prix 2019 will keep the same format as we have seen from NRK in the past few years; one big final, no semis. 

Happy with number of submissions

As we reported a while back, the Norwegian Head of Delegation, Stig Karlsen, is very happy with the number of entries they received before the submission deadline passed. Even though they experienced a small decrease in submissons compared to last year’s record, 1000+ entries is considered a very good number.  

Alexander Rybak x2

Last year, Alexander Rybak won Melodi Grand Prix by a landslide, for the second time in less than 10 years. He did however not win Eurovision for a second time, instead finished in a rather disappointing 15th place with “That’s How You Write a Song”. 

Established or up and coming artists? 

Will we see a lot of returning artists and songwriters in Melod Grand Prix this year as well, or will NRK focus on new names and up and coming artists? If last year’s song reveal is anything to go by, we’ll get the answer to that by early to mid-Janyary.
Last year’s 10 MGP finalists

Who would you like to see represent Norway in Tel Aviv in May? 

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