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Rita Laranjeira is the representative of Portugal for Junior Eurovision!

After RTP completed their selection process to find their representative for Junior Eurovision, which will be held in Minsk, Belarus. Portugal have declared Rita Laranjeira as the winner of  “Juniores de Portugal”.

A panel of jurors chosen by RTP. The panel comprised of Nuno Galopim, Pedro Madeira. Pedro represented Portugal in Junior Eurovision in 2006, Carla Bugalho. Carla is the Head Of Delegation for Portugal, Fernando Martins and Sílvia Alberto. Sílvia is perhaps best known for presenting the Eurovision Contest 2018 in Lisbon, were responsible for the choice of the Portuguese representative. 

What was “Juniores de Portugal”?

As we previously reported below, the stages that RTP went through to chose their representative who will go to Minsk, Belarus.70 applications were narrowed down to 10 Finalists. The finalists went before the aforementioned jury and a winner was declared.

Read a more detailed overview below.

What happens next?

We have only reported on the singer. This is due to the fact that RTP will call upon composers to write the song for Rita. Also there will be a music video that will accompany the song. The song must fit this rationale

“theme songs addressed to this age group, selecting a theme that meets criteria of diversity, empathy and modernity”


Furthermore, another rule that proposed songs must fulfill is that they must be at a minimum 60% in Portuguese. There is an allowance that 40% of the song can be written in any other language.

Portugal in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

The first Portuguese appearance goes back to 2006 when Pedro Madeira represented the country with the song “Deixa-me sentir”. In 2007 Portugal decided to participate once again, but the outcome didn’t change, placing second to last once again. Between 2008 and 2016 Portugal withdrew from the competition. However in 2017. When the contest was held in Tbilisi, Georgia, Portugal returned. Mariana Venancio represented the country with “Youtuber”, beating only Cyprus and Ireland in the voting table.

Watch “Youtuber” below. 

What do you think of Rita? Do you think she may finally bring Portugal success at Junior Eurovision? Tell us in the comments below, or get in contact with us on @escxtra on all platforms. 

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