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KAN reveals that the Tel Aviv Eurovision stage needs to be accommodating

The channel responsible for the organisation of the Eurovision Song Contest: 2019, which is due to be hosted in Tel Aviv; KAN has opened up the closed auction for the construction of the stage. The winner of the auction will win the tender to build their vision of the stage in Pavilion 2.

KAN has also been busy on ground works on how the show will look on the television come May. Details of pre-production will be given to us soon. It has been reported. Although details are hazy at this stage due to there still being plenty of time between now and May there is one certainty. Similarly to previous years, there will be a procession of flags.

This procession, akin to those shown on the Olympics Opening Ceremonies, was started in 2013. The contest was held in Malmö, Sweden following Loreen’s win in Baku, Azerbaijan with the now legendary “Euphoria.

Pavilion 2 as a venue has drawn some criticism, mainly due to it’s size. There have been claims that the venue chosen is too small to host an event of the grandeur and size of the Eurovision Song Contest. Cities in recent times for example Moscow 2009, Baku 2012, Copenhagen 2014 and Lisbon 2018 were held in massive arenas. Some arenas were even purpose built for the contest such as the Baku Crystal Hall in Azerbaijan. This however has not been the case for the Tel Aviv organisers. Especially when it was revealed that there would only be 4,000 tickets sold to the public to attend the show.

What was said about the tender?

The tender for the Tel Aviv stage stated that the Pavilion must cater for a minimum number of seats. The number of seats that is meant to be in the venue has not been specified however. Furthermore this piece of information that was specified.

The design should include the use of the space of the chosen compound for hosting (the exhibition gardens) in a manner that will enable maximum viewing – in the seating and / or standing

Tel Aviv Stage Tender.

More details are coming to light.

We have also reported on the more technical aspects that must be fulfilled to win the tender to build the stage. You can read these very detailed aspects below.

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