Lenny Kuhr to start crowd funding for Madrid album release

One of the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest 1969, Lenny Kuhr, is releasing a new album next year. The Dutch singer is hoping to release her album in the city she won the contest in: Madrid.

Fifty years since victory

The 68 year old singer wants to release her album on the exact date she won the Eurovision Song Contest. On that day, 29th March 2019, it would be exactly fifty years since she claimed the Eurovision trophy with De Troubadour.

The Eurovision Song Contest 1969 is one of the most iconic contests in history. Back then, no tie break rules even existed. When the scoreboard showed four songs tied for victory, the EBU could do nothing but proclaim all four countries the winner of Eurovision 1969: France’s Frida Boccara, United Kingdom’s Lulu and Spain’s Salomé all joined Lenny Kuhr in winning that night.

Crowd funding needed

Lenny Kuhr has announced that she will need crowd funding to achieve the Madrid album release she is dreaming of. She revealed her wish on Twitter:

The album Lenny Kuhr will release will be called Het Lied Gaat Door. It will be her 32nd album. Her previous album dates back to just last year, called Gekust Door De Eeuwigheid.

In her recent career, Kuhr has focussed on theatre and churches as her main stages. Her new tour carries the same name as the album. The tour started in early September and will last until June 2019. You can find her tour dates here.

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