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Australia to announce Eurovision plans “in the next month”

Outgoing managing director at SBS, Michael Ebeid, has confirmed his country’s participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. In an interview with TVTonight, he said his country will “100%” be there in Tel Aviv. We shouldn’t be waiting all too long before the broadcaster makes a statement. Ebeid expects one “in the next month or so”.

National final for SBS?

In the same interview as his Eurovision Asia comments, Michael Ebeid mentioned that SBS have once again signed up to take part at the Eurovision Song Contest. This official confirmation from the Australian broadcaster is no surprise, after they rejected a boycott letter just over a week ago.

Ebeid seems to be keen on getting Australia to use a national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. The format however would not work as a talent show, like Got Talent or The Voice, as it would require established artists:

So you need someone with the experience to get out there and own the stage, with a machine behind them of choreographers, set designers, costume and a record label.

Sony Music or someone else?

The managing director has said he is now aiming for a format in which established artists take to the stage. The label these artists are signed to is not of any importance.

Regarding the artists’ label, Ebeid said all labels are welcome to put an act forward for the Eurovision Song Contest. In all four previous years, Sony Music managed to edge out all competition. From Guy Sebastian to Jessica Mauboy, they are all signed to Sony.

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