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Eurovision Asia “just too geo-politically difficult”, says SBS Managing Director

SBS managing director Michael Ebeid has spoken about the Eurovision Asia Song Contest. The outgoing director told TV Tonight that it has proven “just too geo-politically difficult” to stage such a contest in the near future.

Difficulties before the first edition

With Ebeid’s comments on the Asian version of Eurovision, one needs to doubt whether the contest will come to life soon. In July of this year, EBU confirmed to that the organisation was still in its early stages.

In August 2017, the EBU went live with their prestigious Eurovision Asia project. Despite many countries showing an early interest, it has proven difficult to actually organise an event.

In an interview with TV Tonight, Michael Ebeid has said that it has been his biggest disappointment of his time at Australian broadcaster SBS. It seems the broadcaster could not reach an agreement with at least ten broadcasters for a potential first edition. He added that talks were still ongoing with a couple of countries, but that it currently did not have top priority.

Other ideas to come to life?

Ebeid did however add that they are trying to find a new idea to launch soon. In the interview, he said:

We have put all our energy into this other idea we’re planning to announce soon. It’s more in our control and continent, whereas trying to get 10 Asian countries to agree has proven really difficult.

Michael Ebeid, managing director at SBS

It seems an announcement will be coming soon. Speculation suggests Michael Ebeid may have been talking about a Pacific version of the contest, which would keep the contest smaller and more local for the Australians. Brainstorming and discussions regarding EBU’s idea of Eurovision Asia will commence again after the aforementioned announcement.

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Comments on Eurovision Asia “just too geo-politically difficult”, says SBS Managing Director

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