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Lucía Pérez reveals her thoughts on Spain’s national selection

With OT in full swing, Lucia Perez shares her thoughts on the national selection, as well as her Eurovision experience back in 2011.

A trip down memory lane…in Germany

Speaking to Eurovisionworld, the Spanish singer recalled her time representing her home country in 2011. She performed the happy and upbeat song “Que me quiten lo bailao”. Unfortunately, her performance only resulted in finishing 23rd out of 25. Despite a disappointing result, Lucia has nothing but good memories from her experience.

The more time passes, the more I realise how much I enjoyed the experience. It’s an experience that so little people get to have and I felt so lucky to be able to do it. Since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to perform in such a big stage and to thousands of people. I always say that dreams do come true

Lucia Perez speaking to Eurovisionworld

Perhaps one of the reasons why she enjoyed her experience so much is because she knew what to expect in the contest. Lucia became very aware from the producer that Spain had little to no chance of winning. The producer had been to Eurovision before, so there were no high expectations for Lucia on the night. Because of this, it gave her the opportunity to enjoy her experience as much as she could. 

Nonetheless, it’s great to know that Lucia is one of the few artists who is still proud to have took part in the contest!

A return is possible

Lucia’s positivity over Eurovision continued in the interview. When asked if she would ever compete again, she replied with “Yes of course!”. Further stating that the environment is amazing. Her result in 2011 did not affect her experience whatsoever, in fact, there are many times where she doesn’t even remember her final score!

“There’s no consistency”

As you may know, Operacion Triunfo kicked off its 10th series less than a month ago. However, Lucia is one of many who think that Spain need to improve on their way of selecting their entry if they want any chance of winning.

We don’t have a very nice national selection because there’s no consistency, there’s no focus in the song

Moreover, Lucia went on to comment on Spain’s entry this year. She explained that it’s a “pretty song”, but it’s a continuation of Salvador Sobral’s winning entry in 2017. There is a need to search for something new. On the contrary, she said that Amaia and Alfred did a great job representing Spain in Portugal. 

Career still going strong

Amazingly, Lucia’s singing career kickstarted 15 years ago. She released her 7th studio album “Quince Soles” (“Fifteen Suns”) in May. Talking about the album, Lucia says that it’s a compilation of songs that marked her life in its different stages. There’s even a song that is quite similar to her Eurovision entry, titled “A Rumboia”

“Quince Soles” is available to listen to here:

Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest

Spain made their debut in 1961 and have won twice since. Massiel’s “La la la” gave them their first victory in 1968. In the following year, they won again with “Vivo cantando” in a four-way tie with France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. However, Spain has not had much success in recent years. While only Pastora Soler and Ruth Lorenzo have managed a top 10 finish from the last 14 contests, a lot of their results have ended near the bottom of the scoreboard. Will 2019 turn things around for them?

Do you agree with Lucia? What did you think of her 2011 entry? Let us know in the comments or via our social media pages @ESCXTRA!

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