Sanja Vučić’s Hurricane release “Who To Love”

They say that all good things come in three – and girl trio Hurricane is certainly no exception. With their latest single “Who To Love”, the Hurricane girls prove that you can provide good music while also making important statements.

Hurricane Girls

Most Eurovision fans will remember Sanja Vučić from Eurovision 2016. She represented her native Serbia with the song “Goodbye (Shelter)” which dealt with the issue of domestic violence against women. With a performance as chilling as the meaning behind the song, she qualified for the final where she finished in 18th place.

The two other members of Hurricane are Ivana Nikolić and Ksenija Knežević. While Ksenija’s name might not ring a bell right off the bat, she does have Eurovision connections of her own. Back in 2015 she was a backing singer for her father, Knez, when he represented Montenegro with “Adio”.

The trio was formed in the aftermath of hurricane Irma and Maria that struck across the Atlantic last year. Their debut single – aptly named after the hurricanes – “Irma, Maria” relays a hopeful message that communities will be rebuilt and urging those affected to ‘not give up’.

Don’t judge me on who to love

In their latest release, “Who To Love”, Hurricane make a statement against judging others for who they love. In one verse, they boldly sing about how they’re living their life and others should worry about themselves instead. It’s an appropriate message in this day and age, and more people should take Hurricane’s advice to heart! “Who To Love” sounds like a song you’d hear on a hit music radio channel, with its mellow RnB vibe and infectious chorus.

The official music video for the song has not yet been released. However, if the artwork for the audio release is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat. Furthermore, their previous music videos have had excellent visuals and we’re sure they’ll keep up the good body of work.

Is “Who To Love” a type of song you’d like to see in Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below or on social media @ESCXTRA.

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