An Xtra Happy Birthday; week 40!

October 4th

Eight Eurovision singers were born on this day; four guys and four girls. None of them won the contest, however two of them managed to finish on the podium! And one of them  won the Barbara Dex Award.

Christina Simon, 64

Austria (ORF) selected Christina to represent them at the 1979 Eurovision Song Contest. The entry is called “Heute in Jerusalem”,  and is a ballad with jazz and blues influences. The lyrics speak about the Israel at that time, and the wish for peace. Even though the contest was in Israel, the message did not seem to come across well. The act received only five points, thus finishing in shared last place.

Friderika Bayer, 47

Friderika was the first representative for Hungry at Eurovision Final, as well as scoring the highest placement for her country. That is “Kinek mondjam el vétkeimet” her song placed in 4th place in 1994, the first official year Hungary took part at Eurovision.

Friðrik Ómar, 37

After entering Söngvakeppnin for the second time, Friðrik won it in 2008 as a part of “Eurobandið” with Regína Ósk. Therefore they performed in Belgrade, Serbia. “This Is My Life” is the name of their entry. They did quite good for Icelandic Eurovision standard. They advanced to the final, and came in 14th place out of 25. His best result at Eurovision, however, came the year after. Then he went with Yohanna as a backing-vocalist, and finished second.

Lena Katrina, 34

Elena Sergeevna Katina, or better know as Lena Katrina, was a part of a very successful Russian band called t.A.T.u. with Julia Volkova. The two of them where selected to perform at Eurovision in 2003 in Riga, Latvia.  “Ne ver’, ne boysia”  is the name of their entry, and reached the 3rd place, only three points lower than the winning act.

Slavko, 32

Montenegro picked Slavko to represent them in Kyiv in 2017. His lively character shines through his performance and you can see how much he enjoys it. The entry is called “Space” and was in the first semi final. Unfortunately for Slavko, he didn’t qualify to the final. On the other hand his is unique clothing style, got him the first place at the Barbara Dex Awards.

Nela Pociskova, 28

Nela and Kamil Mikulčík sang a duet and won the Slovakian national selection in 2009. Therefore they where the first entry from Slovakia since 1998 to perform at the contest. Sadly for them “Leť tmou”, their song, failed to qualify to the Eurovision final.

Ignazio Boschetto, 24

Ignazio is one of the tenors of the Italian trio Il Volo. After Il Volo won Sanremo Song Contest in 2015, they accepted to represent their country at Eurovision in Vienna, Austria. “Grande Amore”, their song, was the winner of the public votes. However they were not able impress the jury as much, thus leaving them in the 3rd place at the final.

Mikolas Josef, 23

Mikolas truly caught the attentions with the catchy tune “Lie To Me”, starting with the camel in the video, as well as his glasses and backpack and energy on stage. He represented Czech Republic in 2018 in Lisbon. During rehearsals Mikolas’ jump went wrong and he hurt himself badly. However, his determination and good support team got him all the way to the grand final. Where he landed the big jump with style and reached the 6th place. We had a long live interview with him after the 2nd rehearsal.

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