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RTÉ calls for entries for Tel Aviv!

After confirming that it will be joining the party in Tel Aviv, RTÉ is inviting accomplished song-writers, performers with a proven track record to submit entries that could represent Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv next year.

“A world class act that will do Ireland proud on stage in Tel Aviv”.

Executive Producer and the Head of the Irish Delegation Michael Kealy has said the follwing about their participation in Lisbon and what it hopes to achieve in next year’s competition:

We were really proud of the Irish performance in Lisbon this year, months of work went into planning our Eurovision act, bringing together the various audio and visual elements, from song arrangement to choreography to lighting design. 

The performance of “Together” by Ryan O’Shaughnessy and dancers Kevin O’Dywer and Alan McGrath with backing vocals from Janet Grogan, Remy Naidoo and Claire Ann Varley received worldwide acclaim when performed on stage and created headlines around the world. “Together” placed 16th in the final which is the best result since Jedward came in eighth place in Dussledorf with “Lipstick”  in 2011.

For Eurovision 2019 we want to produce a world class act that will do Ireland proud on stage in Tel Aviv and in front of a worldwide audience of nearly 200 million people. The Eurovision Song Contest is incredibly competitive so we need a top class song, with instant appeal and a highly experienced act who is used to performing live in front of large audiences.” 

Michael Kealy on Ireland’s participation in Lisbon and what it hopes to acheive in 2019

Entry for submissions close next month

More details about submitting an entry for Ireland can be found here.

Interested performers and song-writers have until 5pm (GMT) on November 23 to submit their entries to RTÉ.

Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Ryan O’Shaughnessy was selected to represent Ireland in Lisbon with his song “Together”, where he managed to bring Ireland back to the Grand Final after four consecutive non-qualifications. He managed to finish 16th in the Grand Final with 136 Points.

Are you excited to find out who will represent Ireland in Tel Aviv next year?. Do you think they will qualify once again? Let us know your opinions and thoughts below or on social media at @escxtra !

Ryan performing his entry at the Eurovision stage

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